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Caer Oblivion

You have been Hired by Tsk’rang by Thrask for T’hrask & Brothers Trade co.

“Hello my friends welcome to my Trading Co. Over there are my brothers Kato & Vk’goon. They do not talk much so excuse their manners.”

“Tk’rask’s Caravan consists of the two Tsk’rang brothers, an Obsidiman and a Windling.”

“We have hired our Fourth caravan and while my family is involved we also have some independent caravans affiliated with our trade co to keep up with demand. Everything has been going well and we have even submitted a petition with Bartertown to open up our own trading house! This was true until recently. Two of our Trading Caravans have not reported back and a few more days will be presumed lost. This is a devastating blow to our company. I would like you to investigate their last location. They were returning from Kratas. Usually we would ask Kratas’ City Watch to send out a patrol and investigate, but they have been unusually busy and are unable to help. They suspect it’s Troll Crystal Raiders from the twilight peaks who have been seen in the area, but there hasn’t been any proof especially since this is considerably far from their usual raids.”

Characters will be 1st circle no race or class restrictions although ask first if you think there may be an issue. I am giving first dibs to players I know and will be maxing it out to 5 players with a couple alternates from my local gaming group I am not sure of their availability yet.

Home Page

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