Kaer of Oblivion

A missing caravan

“From the journal of Rigg Sessama, Thief Adept”

It always starts at the Taven

The T’skrang T’hrask is having problems with one of his caravans not showing up. It’s enough of a problem that he’s buying us all a pint of ale to discuss the problem and seems eager to have us go half way across Barsaive to find out what happened. Part way into his story it comes out. His sister is on that caravan and it’s gone missing in a mountain pass near the Tylon Mountains. Troll Sky Raiders are a possible cause, but that just seems too easy. It’s never that easy.

An agreement is made for us to leave in the morning on the next caravan he has heading that way. 350 silver pieces will be paid to us now along with a percentage of what supplies are recovered and a bonus upon safe return of his sister alive and well. The fee for our room has been covered as well.

As a side note, I really am out of practice when it comes to my Alchemy. A simple booster potion and I over cooked the leaves. Maybe I’ve just got a lot on my mind.

Caravan Ride – The first days

The first few days near Bartertown are quiet as they always are. Seems the closeness of the City Guard keeps the ruffians at bay. The rough roads bounce us around as we ride ever westward. I’m sure it won’t be long before we run across trouble. If anyone was betting I’d give it two days before someone with only half a brain tries to attack the wagon. It could be wishful thinking on my part. I really don’t want some flying hot snot spitting monster to swoop down on us. Better some darn fool who sees the sense of running once they face a group of true adepts.

I was wrong. It was on the third day from Bartertown. A few orks decided to collect a “road travel and repair fee”. They aren’t even trying since the roads have obviously seen their better days a long time before they were born. It’s embarrassing to admit, but I’ve really become rusty lately. I guess a few years will do that. Thank the passions the group as a whole performed pretty well. We stopped the orks from taking the Wagon and although I’ve seen better days I am still alive to see another day. I also managed to acquire a damaged grimore from the Wizard although it’s been damaged in the attack. Gives me a little something new to look at while I wait for sleepiness to overtake the pain in my side.

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